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Tupperware Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set
Tupperware Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set
Tupperware Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set
Tupperware Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set

Tupperware Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set

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What's included? 
  • Dust Towel 35 x 30 cm x 1 unit
  • Multi-purpose Towel 30 x 30 cm x 1 unit
  • Window Towel 40.6 x 40.6 cm x 1 unit
  • Gift Box


Turn your everyday cleaning around the home hassle-free & fun with Tupperware microfiber kitchen towel set. Available in three different colors, the set offers a separate cloth for each task. Be it dusting, cleaning off the gunky stains or wiping away the slimy residue off the bathtubs- microfiber towels help to keep your home stay immaculately cleaned!

Tupperware microfiber kitchen towels are made using polyester and nylon fibers that create a net-like structure. Due to small fibers, the towels are able to lift every particle off the nooks & corners. The super absorbent multi-purpose microfiber towels clean counter, chrome fixture, windows & mirrors, stainless steel & interior of the car. What more, being lint-free it ensures streak-free cleaning!


  • Microfiber towel is a “Green Cleaning” tool that helps to reduce the wastage. It can take 500 washes that are about 2 years in a general household. 
  • Tupperware microfiber towel is a self-cleaning cloth that reduces the use of chemicals when cleaning. Just wet & clean!
  • When chemicals/cleaning solutions are required such as in the kitchen, make sure you wash the towels carefully using water to prevent gumming of the fibers.
  • Tupperware microfiber cloths can be tossed in washer/dryer for rinsing. The easiest way is to dampen the towels with water and rotate in the microwave for 60 seconds. Let it dry before removing it.

    Q. Are your Tupperware dishwasher safe / freezer safe / microwave safe?

    A. Only Tupperware with relevant symbol printed on it are dishwasher safe / freezer safe / microwave safe.

    tableware symbol

    Q. Are your Tupperware genuine? I never saw some of these Tupperware before.

    A. Yes, we shipped authentic Tupperware from Malaysia.

    Q. How long do you take to ship?

    A. We normally take 3-4 business days to process before shipping. 

    Q. How long does the order take to reach me?

    A. The package will be delivered by Auspost and it shall reach you in 10-15 business days.

    Q. Are Tupperware BPA free?

    A. Items sold by Tupperware after March 2010 are BPA free.